September 30, 2022
Things to Do in Elden Ring You Never Knew Were Possibilities

Elden Ring has a lot to offer players of all skill levels. However, some of them aren’t always obvious.

When it comes to Elden Ring, being Tarnished is more of a curse than an ordeal. Their instructions and directions are vague and cryptic as a cruel prank from the NPCs who look down on them. In any case, the players are always adapting and, as the persevering Tarnished they are, have found some shortcuts to make things easier.

To the developers’ amusement, Elden Ring contains a slew of secret mechanics that are either difficult to uncover through the game’s sparse tutorials or deliberately omitted altogether. Such is the trademark of the Soulsborne games .’s There is always something new to discover in Elden Ring, and some of these discoveries are like discovering secret powers.

Margit The Fallen Omen is omitted

As long as players keep Seabiscuit-ing Torrent past the guards and the gates, it is very easy to get to Margit. Because of this, it is common for players to encounter the grumpy old man boss too early or at a level that is too low. Even in an open-world game, Margit can appear to be the first brick wall.

But he’s not. You can skip Margit. Even without Stormveil Castle, players can get to Liurnia of the Lakes. Instead of taking a left at the fork in the road, they simply need to continue running straight ahead from Stormhill Shack. Even if Margit doesn’t show up for another 20 or 50 levels, the old man will remember that spanking!

Benefiting from the Weather

The weather in Elden Ring’s open world isn’t just a visual effect; it’s real. Players who use fire or lightning incantations, attacks, or spells will find it useful. Because of this, rain can either enhance or reduce the damage depending on the type of damage.

Obviously, rain or water reduces the severity of fire damage. In the meantime, the damage caused by lightning is exacerbated by the aforementioned weather conditions or water. Only about 10% of players have this, but it comes in handy when facing off against open-world bosses.

Fighting Back by leaping and crouching

Elden Ring’s hitboxes are more precise than those of the Souls series’ predecessors. There are no obvious invisible hitboxes in this location. As rolling and backstepping aren’t the only options for avoiding attacks, players are forced to get creative.

Some attacks can be avoided by jumping through or away from them, which can be useful in dealing with ground damage or shockwave slams. In the meantime, players can avoid being hit by wide, sweeping lateral attacks by ducking or crouching against a boss. It does take some time to get used to, but the fights are much easier now.

Returning to the Beginning

As soon as new players picked and created their characters in the game’s beginning area, they were meant to be killed. Making it past the terrifying first boss is a waste of time. Imbued Stone Keys can, however, be used in the Precipice of Anticipation, a tower situated on the western edge of Liurnia, to retaliate against those who wronged them.

In this way, they can return to the beginning of the game and retaliate against a fodder minions-level enemy. The island west of Stormveil Castle is the only place of interest in the opening area, aside from completing some exploration tasks.

Mid-air Control of a Torrent

The open-world genre has never had it so good, thanks to the invention of the torrent. As far as originality goes, he’s right up there with Link’s climbing and gliding abilities from Breath of the Wild. Because Torrent can also be used as a platforming tool once players get used to his double-jumping ability.

Even while Torrent is falling, players can use this double jump to change its direction and elevation (as long as the fall is from the first jump). Players can use Torrent to fix their jumping errors and even discover new areas and platforms. Players can at the very least lessen the impact of a fall by using the second jump before touching down.

Enemies of the Animal Kingdom

Some of the most difficult enemies in the game are packs of animals, such as wolves, beetles, ants, beef jerky dogs, pesky hawks, or T-rex dogs. Thanks to the Beast-Repellent Torch, players don’t have to deal with those petting zoo rejects.

Animal enemies will flee in terror if players simply hold the torch in their hands. Players have the option to bully and chase them with the torch if they so desired. The Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow, Caelid, sells the torch. In addition, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t work against the giant rune bears.

Dual Weapons That Equalize the Balance of Power

As long as you’ve got two hands, you can do it. When it comes to dual-wielding prowess, Elden Ring comes close to matching Dark Souls 2. In the game, power-stancing works like a charm. Dual-wielding the same type of weapon allows players to perform special combo attacks.

The L1/LB button, when used with two katanas or two greatswords, will cause some fast and powerful combos with more hits than usual (or the PC keyboard equivalent). Pressing L1/LB only results in a left-hand weapon swing if you’re using a weapon of a different type or class.

Quickly locating the mines

When players reach the mid- or late-game in Elden Ring, mining trips become almost mandatory due to the rarity of Smithing Stones. Fortunately for the players, the Elden Ring’s map rewards those who are skilled at reading maps. Those orange spots on the map are mines, so look out for them.

Players will also notice that these orange spots are often found near hills or mountains, as they are mines. They’re loaded with both Somber Smithing Stones and regular Smithing Stones, so you’ll have plenty to work with. Players can also place green markers on these mines in order to improve their compass visibility.

Locating Maps with Ease

In any case, what if the map is obscure because the actual map item has yet to be found by players? Elden Ring, on the other hand, does give players the option of finding maps. Look for the pillar with the candle icon on the map and you’ll find them quickly.

These pillars are always where maps are, and they’re surprisingly easy to get to. The white pillars can obscure the item’s glow, so players must be careful when looking for them along the road.

Easy Access to the Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears

A map isn’t necessary to find Golden Seeds to upgrade the Flask. There is only one thing you need to know about finding Golden Seeds: they are always found at the base of Illusory Trees (those emaciated golden trees). In spite of the fact that they don’t appear clearly on the map, they can be easily seen from a distance or on the horizon.

Maps show churches and other structures that resemble them (usually rectangular with a tower or comes with a circular dome). The only place you’ll see Sacred Tears is in a church, usually at the foot of an altar or a statue. Even in Elden Ring, players can find salvation in churches, but the upside is that one of those churches has a Turtle Pope, or was that just a weird dog?

Eternal Rings is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, as well as on Microsoft Windows.

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