September 30, 2022
Uber Driver Opportunities at Urban Venture

Simteract, a Polish game development studio, has announced a new game called Urban Venture, a new take on the taxi driving simulator genre.

Many occupations and pastimes have been simulated in simulation games, including the well-known Goat Simulator, in which players take on the role of an animal. Gardenia and other simulation games like it have found a niche for many gamers to enjoy, and there are plenty of new ones to keep an eye out for, such as an Uber driver simulator.

Interact, a Polish indie studio, has created a driving simulation game called Urban Venture in which players assume the role of their own personal Uber driver in the city of Barcelona. As a taxi driver, the player can earn money by successfully completing assignments. Instead of the frantic gameplay found in games like the Crazy Taxi series, Urban Venture aims to provide players with a more realistic experience as an Uber or taxi driver.

Unlike other driving simulation games, such as the Euro Truck games and Mud Runners, Urban Venture allows players to take on a more corporate role once they’ve earned enough money through taxi driving. “Managerial responsibilities include dealing with issues such as problematic drivers, company finances, and real estate management, according to developer Simteract. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for a startup’s success.”

Obtain Early Access to Urban Venture on Steam.

Interact promises more than just a simple taxi simulator when it comes to starting out as a driver, though. There are a variety of ways to play, from food deliveries, which effectively makes the player an Uber Eats driver, to random passengers’ requests for extra money. Additionally, Urban Venture has a free-roaming drive mode that may allow the player to bring some form of chaos onto the roads when they’re done with their taxi driving career. Unlike in the Grand Theft Auto series, it’s unlikely that players will be able to rule the highways as a despot.

The game’s setting takes place in Barcelona, a city in Spain. In Urban Venture, you’ll have access to a massive playable area and parts of Barcelona that have been completely recreated for a virtual platform, according to Simteract. After IO Interactive opened a new office in Barcelona, the gaming industry seems to be paying attention to the city.

Early access to Urban Venture will be available on Steam in late 2022, with a full release scheduled for 2023.

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