September 30, 2022
Using Elden Ring’s Map Fragment Locator

Elden Ring’s Map is completely blank when you first load it up. Map Fragments are needed to fill in the details and help you navigate the Lands Between.

Elden Ring’s map is a first for FromSoftware RPGs, but it isn’t the only one in the genre. Unlike most open-world game maps, however, this one offers very little direction to help the player find interesting locations. Unless you collect Map Fragments, the map is almost completely lacking in detail.

Every player in Elden Ring should prioritize finding Map Fragments when venturing into a new area. Although scattered throughout The Lands Between, fragments of the map can be found by spawning on the same monument.

You’ll Need Map Fragments to Uncover Elden Ring’s Map

Elden Ring’s world map can be seen in small pieces thanks to the Map Fragments. This feature can be compared to the Sheikah Tower system in Breath of the Wild, which unlocks entire regions when found. Having all of the map fragments for a given area can make navigating and orienteering much easier because they are all associated with a specific area within a larger zone.

As soon as you pick one up, it will be automatically added to your world map, but it will only give you a rough idea of the area’s topography, road network, and natural environment. Use Map Markers because they’re the only method of highlighting important locations in the game. This makes it much easier to find the location of an important NPC or crafting material.

In Elden Ring, how to find map fragments

To begin your search for Map Fragments in Elden Ring, zoom in on your empty map. Obelisk-like markers can be found along the road’s faint outline if you look closely. These smudges indicate the location of a Beacon, which is nothing more than a smudge.

At the base of these Beacons, which are tall monuments that protrude from the roadside, there are Map Fragments for a given area Using the A button (or X) and the open map screen, place a Beacon on these points to show their location in the world with a bright beam of light that can be seen from a long distance. Several of these beacons are surrounded by hostile forces, such as the first Map Fragment near the Gate front Ruins Site of Lost Grace.

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