September 30, 2022
What Is Kai'Sa's Mid-Lane Performance Like?

While Kai’Sa’s mobility is excellent, she also has the ability to inflict significant damage on the enemy mid-layer. In 2020, Kai’Sa was a popular mid-lane pick, but as time went on, he lost favor with the meta. T1 Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, for example, has been prioritizing her in the mid-lane recently. Faker chose Kai’Sa for T1’s series against Kwangdong Freecs in the League of Legends Champions Korea, in addition to spamming her in Korean Solo Queue (LCK). This year’s season 12 of League of Legends has already seen a number of unusual picks, strategies, and gameplay changes. Mid-lane Kai’Sa appears to be an excellent choice for professional players in the coming weeks.

In the mid-lane, why does Kai’Sa get picked

You must go with the ability-power (AP) build in the mid-lane if you want to play Kai’Sa effectively. The League of Legends community appears to view Kai’Sa’s playstyle as being very similar to Corki’s, but slightly weaker. “Pekin Woof” Marconis, a League of Legends player and streamer, said that playing mid-lane Kai’Sa against the normal mid-laners would make it a difficult matchup. When facing off against melee champions in the same lane, a ranged champion like Kai’Sa shines and triumphs.

Without her spell evolutions, she’s a lot less powerful than she otherwise would be.

Second Skin, which Kai’Sa possesses inertia-wise, allows her to strengthen and evolve her abilities. Plasma is stacked by her basic attacks, increasing the amount of magic damage they inflict. The immobilizing effects of allies contribute to Plasma stacking. In addition, the items that Kai’Sa buys enhance the power of her base spells.

Before rushing AP items like Luden’s Echo, Faker builds Manamune first. In order to maintain pressure on the mid lane, Kai’Sa needs her teammates to do well on the side lanes. This makes playing Kai’Sa difficult. Having Kai’Sa as a ranged champion allows her to keep the enemy’s tower occupied while she roams around with her jungle.

Gen. mid-laner G’s Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon also shared his thoughts on this intriguing pick, according to a report from Game4v. Apparently, he stated that he believes the champion is a good pick in the current meta because it allows players to recover even if the lane is lost. “It didn’t work so well” because there was no bounty system when he tried the champion in the mid lane in 2020, he added.

Kai’Sa mid has a pick rate of 2.6 percent and a ban rate of 2.2 percent in Platinum and higher tiers, according to UGG. Kai’Sa mid in Solo Queue has a win rate of 44.82 percent after 36,828 matches. Amateur players may not understand why she is being picked in the middle lane, resulting in a low win rate. If the team’s composition and ability to carry out their plans in-game are successful, then the pick will be a success.

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