September 30, 2022

PUBG Mobile is constantly releasing new content for the mobile battle royale to keep its audience and fans engaged. In addition to gameplay updates, new features, collaborations, limited-time-themed content, and much more, these changes are implemented.

PUBG Mobile’s developers have added a voice pack of Lance “Powerbang” Frisbee, one of the game’s most popular YouTubers and content creators, to the game this time around.

There are many reasons to celebrate the game’s four-year anniversary, and one of them is the addition of Powerbang’s Voice Pack to the game, which can be obtained free of charge by following the instructions below.

Powerbang’s voice pack in PUBG Mobile is free to obtain

This morning, PUBG Mobile announced the release of Powerbang’s PUBG Mobile voice pack on March 21st, a popular YouTuber. The entire community was ecstatic about this announcement, especially because it was free for everyone to get!

PUBG Mobile’s voice pack from Powerbang is now part of an in-game event, and players can get their hands on it for free if they complete all of the tasks listed as part of this limited-time event, which was created to make this possible.

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From now until the 20th of April, players can obtain all three levels of the ‘Powerbang’s Voice Pack Store’ in PUBG Mobile: Basic, Enhanced, and Mythic. This event is already underway.

Here are all the details about the event and the prizes for those who are interested.

Please log in

PUBG Mobile players can earn a variety of bonuses simply by logging in.

  • The first day’s supply of Powerbang Coins was one.
  • Powerbang Coin 5 times, Crystal 1 time, Day 2
  • Powerbang Coin (x10), Ace Gold (x100) on day three.
  • Supply Crate Scrap x 3; Powerbang Coin x 15; Day 4:
  • Day 5: Powerbang Voice Pack – Standard Edition (Permanent)

The Voice Pack Store of Powerbang

For the duration of the event, all PUBG Mobile players are welcome to come and trade their items for various prizes.

  • Scraps from the Crates

In exchange for Powerbang Coins, players can receive supply crate scraps. There is a two-time limit on the use of this reward.

  • Gifts from the Powerbang Universe

All PUBG Mobile players can get their hands on this one-of-a-kind item for just 20 Powerbang coins. It can be used to boost the popularity of an in-game friend by 200 points, but it can only be used twice.

  • Basic Pack of Voices

In order to get Powerbang’s voice pack, you’ll need to exchange 50 Powerbang coins for the item.

  • The Voice Enhancement Pack

PUBG Mobile players must exchange 150 Powerbang Coins for the enhanced version of Powerbang’s voice pack in order to get their hands on it.

  • Sound Effects Pack for the Mythic Voice

Players must exchange 400 Powerbang Coins for Powerbang’s mythic voice pack, the most sought-after and valuable item in this PUBG Mobile event.

Test Your Powerbang’s Damage Capability

Players in the classic mode of PUBG Mobile must complete this set of missions in order to receive a variety of rewards.

  • Do 200 points of damage to the target. 1000 Battle Points x 1, Powerbang Space Gifts x 1.
  • Powerbang Coin x 10 x 400 = 400 dmg
  • Powerbang Space Gift x1: 600 damage total.
  • Powerbang Coin x 10 x 800 = 800 total damage.
  • Powerbang Coin x 30 and PP Bizon Skin x 1000 damage (3 Days)

The Powerbang voice pack for PUBG Mobile is only available to players who log in daily and hustle in classic mode to earn Powerbang Coins. These Powerbang Coins can then be exchanged for attractive rewards.

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