September 29, 2022

Arceus, a character from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, has inspired an impressive piece of fan art that demonstrates the importance of an Arc Phone camera.

Arceus is set in the Hisui region, which is a distant past of the Sinnoh region that many gamers are familiar with, in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It appears that players retain some knowledge of the current Pokemon world even though they are in a time warp and given an anachronistic phone. As a result, a Pokemon Legends: Arceus fan has created fan art demonstrating the importance of the Arc Phone’s camera functionality.

Arc Phone has a lot of features, but it appears to be missing some essential smartphone functions. In addition, the device appears to have been created by Arceus (the Alpha Pokemon) from an existing phone template. In the Pokemon world, Arceus is considered to be the closest thing to a deity that exists.

Fanart created by Reddit user Doiparuni demonstrates why the Arc Phone should have a camera. While standing on a snowy mountain, Akari appears to pose for the camera and take a self-portrait. Her back is turned by a massive Alpha Garchomp, its eyes glowing red and its teeth barbed. The outcome appears to be the ideal setting for a spectacular (and potentially lethal) photo op.

wild alpha Pokémon are notorious for their aggressive behavior even when the player has done nothing to provoke them, and this includes their red-eyed counterparts. There’s a good chance the Alpha Garchomp has spotted Akari and is getting ready to attack her for invading its domain. The juxtaposition of the Garchomp getting ready to attack and Akari’s adorable smile makes for a hilarious image, especially since players have used photo modes in other games to capture similar pre-battle pictures. If you’re a fan of video game self-portraits, you’ll appreciate this piece by Doiparuni.

As of this writing, other fans seem to agree that the Arc Phone should have a camera. Arceus may have deleted most of the phone’s apps before sending its protagonist back in time, according to one user. In another trend, people started posting screenshots of video game heroes taking selfies while fighting bosses. Thus, we can conclude that was the Arc Phone became a reality, many more gamers would follow Akari’s lead and create fan art like the one shown here. A few people speculated that Akari had coaxed the Garchomp into posing with her. In spite of this, the Pokemon’s red eyes give the impression that this isn’t the case.

The Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available.

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